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Interested in working at Leighs?

We place high importance on people and work hard to nurture our employees’ talents and thirst for education, giving everyone the chance to apply themselves, upskill, and succeed.

An integrity-driven company guided by key values, Leighs provides exciting career opportunities for passionate, motivated individuals.

Please note that Leighs do not send unsolicited job or interview offers by letter, email or social media. If you have received this type of contact, please delete it. Thank you.

Apprentice and Future Leader Programme

Through our Apprentice and Future Leaders Programmes, we nurture team-oriented environments and support labour structures that connect trainees and those looking to improve their skills with talented, accomplished people to learn from. With highly-skilled professionals guiding and supporting them, our employees develop at a greater rate.

The New Zealand Experience

While moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, New Zealand is a safe, enjoyable place to live and work, with a clean environment, great working conditions, employment contract regulations and plenty of opportunity. 

There are also diverse employment opportunities, from carpentry and leading hands to site and project managers, quantity surveyors, estimators, engineers and health and safety experts.

We ensure our team members identify and hone their preferred skillset, and we provide the assistance they need to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. 

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