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I've Got Your Back

We're passionate about our people, and that cannot come without a passion for mental health.

Earlier this year several of our team undertook the St John New Zealand helped 50+ and counting of our team complete the Mental Health First Aid workshop. ⁣

Launched in 2018, the purpose of the workshop is to reduce the stigma of talking about mental health and providing New Zealanders with important tools to enable them to recognise and respond to individuals experiencing mental health concerns. ⁣

It's no secret that mental health in the construction industry is a pertinent issue, so this was a great opportunity for our team to arm themselves with the tools to help their colleagues, peers, and friends in need. ⁣

We've be honoured to work with St John and showcase our "I've Got Your Back" initiative.

We highly recommend participation in the workshop for individuals and organisations, find out more here


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