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Scott Base Works, Scott Base Antarctica

About the Project

These projects have been recognised by the industry as a whole, and Leighs Construction was awarded both the supreme award and the innovation award at the 2005 New Zealand Institute of Building Awards.

Leighs Construction was the first private organisation to design and build for the New Zealand Government in Antarctica, with all previous work being carried out by the military.
Antarctica New Zealand
Scott Base, Antarctica
Scott Base Works, Scott Base Antarctica

Following the successful completion of the Hillary Field Centre, a two level 1800m² logistics facility, Antarctica New Zealand chose to award a design and construct contract to Leighs Construction for the Arrival Heights Observation Laboratory. We managed the design process and successfully delivered the project.

Scott Base Works, Scott Base Antarctica

These projects involved the planning, procurement and prefabrication of the buildings and their very complex services in New Zealand, along with the heavy lift equipment, which was containerised and shipped to Antarctica on the one annual supply ship. Heavy lift carried out on site by Leighs staff and plant have included a total of 650 tonnes of precast concrete and 150 tonnes of structural steel.

Scott Base Works, Scott Base Antarctica


Successful delivery of two incredibly complex construction projects, in one of the most remote and harsh environments on earth
Very demanding budgets.
“Leighs Construction has done a wonderful job, and made us very proud to work with you on such a challenging project.”

- Mr Lou Sanson, CEO, Antarctica New Zealand

Scott Base Works, Scott Base Antarctica

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