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CIAL Gate 15

About the Project

Project works included internal alterations of existing spaces; demolition of existing back-of-house facilities; relocation of the secure/non-secure boundary and installation of specialist security door systems.

The CIAL Gate 15 project involved reconfiguring an existing disused gate into a number of multi-purpose gates and the refurbishment of old storage areas into a spacious, modern regional lounge.
Christchurch International Airport Ltd (CIAL)
July 2018
CIAL Gate 15

The works were undertaken in two separate zones at the southern end of the domestic terminal. Careful planning and scheduling of works was required in order to ensure the airport remained operational throughout the duration of the project and to ensure the safety of airport staff and passengers.

CIAL Gate 15

An exterior walkway, a pair of escalators and a lift were installed airside, taking passengers to the first floor and providing direct access from retail and lounge areas to the departure gates.

CIAL Gate 15


Working in an operational airport environment, including works undertaken ‘airside’, required strict adherence to security (including planning and scheduling works to ensure staff have clearance prior to entering restricted zones) and careful management of site activities.

The Leighs Team also encountered serious in-ground issues, including deep contamination, an existing basement, extensions required to existing drainage and deep piling.

Good planning, scheduling and communication with the client and tenants ensured this project was delivered on time and to project budget.

CIAL Gate 15 is one of several projects successfully delivered by Leighs for this client.

CIAL Gate 15

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